Providing our customers with solutions for over 40 years.

American Dispersions, Inc. is a family owned and operated business established in 1979.

We specialize in manufacturing aqueous (water) based dispersions and emulsions of intermediates for the rubber, PVC, plastics, adhesives, and general chemical industries. We produce solutions, dilutions and a variety of liquid blends. We also specialize in powder processing, dry blending and packaging of a variety of raw materials.

Our commercial products include, but are not limited to: antidegradants, antioxidants, antiozonants, polymer accelerators, ultraviolet inhibitors, polymer stabilizers, shortstop products for the PVC industry, and plasticizers. Our packaging plants handle a wide range of raw materials including Ti02, ATH, ATO, powdered rubber, catalysts, acrylic beads and much more.

American Dispersions, Inc. is also a raw material distributor and sales agent supplying specialty chemical products to the paints, coatings, inks, rubber, plastics, adhesives and related industries. We import and distribute a variety of products including but not limited to: pigments, pigment dispersions, dispersing agents, wetting agents, surface active agents, leveling and flow additives, rheological control additives, defoamers, talcs, calcium carbonates, micas, glass micro-spheres and process grinding media.

American Dispersions, Inc. presently manufactures all products at our 50,000 square foot factory in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. Our packaging plants are also located at this facility with over 10 million pounds of capacity. We have a complete laboratory and pilot plant for trial production and scale up. We also employ a highly trained technical sales staff to support our customers.

Our products are sold and distributed throughout the world under the trade name ADDIOX. Our ADDIOX products are available to ship directly from our Louisville, Kentucky location or through distribution in Asia and Europe. ADDIOX products are supplied in a variety of packages, such as: five gallon pails, steel or fiber drums, steel or plastic totes, bulk tank trucks and international containers. No amount is too small or too large for American Dispersions, Inc. to supply. We pledge to provide the highest quality dispersion and emulsion products on the market.

*ADDIOX is a registered trademark of American Dispersions, Inc.